Creating a New Family From an Existing Member or Moving A Member to An Existing Family

Sometimes a family member will want to establish their own family record. This may happen if the member is getting married, over 18 years old, and/or a divorced spouse is moving to a different address.  To prevent duplicate member records you can create a new family by moving the member record to it's own family or even move a member to an existing family.  

Note: If you are considering combining an unmarried couple who are living together please read this solution article first: How do I combine two family records for a single unmarried couple living together into a single-family record?


  1. Tutorial Video
  2. Creating a New Family from an Existing Member
  3. Moving a Member to an Existing Family

Tutorial Video -- COMING SOON!

This brief tutorial video will show the user how to add a new family from an existing member record and how to associate a member with another family without breaking the link to the original family.  Video: Adding a New Family From an Existing Member Record  

This is great for when a child gets married because you're able to create a new family from their Member record. All of their sacraments and history stays with them, but no data is duplicated.

Note: The member record will still appear in their original family with a pink highlight indicating they have been moved and are linked to another primary family.

Creating a New Family from an Existing Member

Click on Families via the top navigation bar and select  Family Explorer. Filter the  Family Name column to locate and open the Family Record that contains the member you wish to Create New Family
Click on the name of the Member which opens their member record that you want to Create New Family  with. Click on the triangle to the right of the Save button and select Create New Family

You will then be brought to the member's new Family Record page where you can update their new address and other contact information.  Once you create and save the new record, you can add any new members to the family.

Moving a Member to an Existing Family

Repeat steps 1 and 2 from above, except when you click on the triangle to the right of the Save button, select Move to Existing Family.

This option allows you to move someone to an existing family in either your church or any other church within your search capabilities.  Once you select Move To Existing Family, you will select the appropriate parish from the Church List. Then, the Family List pop-up will appear, and you can search and select for the family which you would like to add the member to.

Note: By choosing to move the member you maintain his/her connection with their original family as well as keeping all member information with his/her current member record.  This prevents duplicate member records from being created. 

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