Classic View

Your Family Explorer screen is what automatically appears when you first log into your database. You can also get to it by clicking on Families via the top navigation bar and selecting Family Explorer. Then select Go to Classic View found in the top right of your screen.

2) To search for a family click Search found in the top-left of your screen.

3) When you click Search the Family Search form will pop-up where you can define your search parameters. Once you define your search parameters click Search and the list of families within the defined search criteria will be listed on family search screen.

Additional Information about different search parameters:

  • Registration From and To allows you to search for families registered within a certain date range.
  • SearchScope allows you to search within your Current Parish, all your parishes, and/or a Diocese wide search.
  • Is Registered allows you to search for All Families, only registered families, or only unregistered families. If you run a download of the results, this field appears in column AJ. Families registered in your church will have a value of True, and families unregistered at your parish and/or registered at a different parish will have a value of False. If you search on All Parishioners, values will be true or false.

Note: Click Reset to clear any search criteria you may have previously defined. The family records will reset to all Active families who are currently registered and unregistered in your church. Also, the default language is English so if you want to search on a different language, you have to manually change this.

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