Searching Family Records Across Multiple Churches

To search across the Diocese or a collaborative we suggest you create a custom screen similar to the example below that becomes your custom layout.  This will allow you to see at a glance what churches you are currently viewing and allow you to quickly move between churches if you are a collaborative.

Setting Your Custom Default Screen to Search Across Multiple Churches


Select the columns Church Name, Church City and Church ID (you can see the screenshot below of the bolded columns) from the Columns option located in the kebab menu (3 circles) next to the column name.


Lock them into place so they are now next to the Family Name column to the left.  Arrange these in any order that you desire.


Continue to update the remainder of your columns that you want to include in your own layout. Save and set as your favorite.  Now when you login you will always see the first (4) columns and any other columns that you defined and saved in your layout.

Searching Across the Diocese


When you initially open your database the Church ID column will be populated with the church ID number that you initially logged into.


To search across the Diocese simply clear out the box and hit enter.


The search screen will populate with all the families in the Diocese. To go back to viewing only families in your church, reenter your Church ID number, hit enter, and your families will repopulate your search screen.

Note: Only churches who are part of a Diocesan Initiative will be able to search across the Diocese.

Pro-Tip: When viewing the list of all families across the Diocese you will see that some of the families are highlighted in blue.   These are families whose church databases you have permissions to access. Clicking on the family will open the family record in a new tab.

Searching Across A Collaborative

When you log in, your dashboard will contain the churches that you have access to, similar to the screenshot below.

Click on the parish you want to open. When you open your database the Church ID column will be populated with the church ID number. To search another church within your collaborative fill in the Church ID with the church number you want to view and hit enter. To go back to the original church that you opened reenter your Church ID, hit enter and your families will repopulate your search screen.

Pro-Tip: Church ID is the unique number that the database assigns to your church(es) within the Diocese that you belong.  In addition to viewing that number in Family Explorer you can see the Church ID in the URL once you have opened the church.

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