USPS Address Verification Integration

eCatholic ChMS uses the USPS Address Verification Integration to automatically populates the fields within the Mailing Address tab of the family record. When run through the USPS Address Verification Integration, these fields display validated information from USPS based on home address and/or a specified mailing address. 

This video explains how the verification works when you add a new parishioner to your database, how to add a P.O. Box, and how to edit the parishioners record when they have a change of address.

PRO TIP: Utilize the USPS Zip Code Look-Up tool to verify an address prior to entering it into your database in order to verify the information.

Records Entered Prior to the USPS Integration

For records that were entered into your database prior to the USPS verification the USPS integration will automatically kick-in if you make an edit to any field in your family record if the Mailing Address fields are blank as shown below.

If the Mailing Address fields had any values in those fields prior to the USPS verification integration and the Mailing Box has been checked they will remain unless you uncheck the box and treat it like an edit.

If the Mailing Address fields has values in the fields and the box is unchecked and you make an edit to the family record the USPS validation will kick in and verify the address in the family record.

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