Turn Your Download into a Table

Many of the Excel downloads you generate from eCatholic ChMS can be converted to a table. Some examples of the files you can convert into a table are the: Fund Raising Report, Capital Campaign download, Groups, Family, and Member downloads. Tables can improve the look and feel of your file, but more importantly, they also help to organize your content and make your data easier to use. 


Tutorial Video

This brief tutorial will walk you through how you can convert an excel download into a table, and how you can sort and filter data within the table: Tutorial Video

Converting an Excel Download into a Table

Open the report and click  Enable Editing.  

Place your cursor in the first cell that contains your heading (see screenshot in step 3).   
Be sure you are in the Home tab of the Excel file and go to  Format as Table. Click on the down arrow and you will be able to choose the table format you want. 

A dialog box will appear, confirming the selected cell range for the table. You will be able to see the selected cell range by the dashed moving box that surrounds all your data. If your table has headers, check the box next to My table has headers, then click  OK.  

Sorting and Filtering Data

If your worksheet contains a lot of content, it can be difficult to find information quickly. Sorting and filtering can be used to narrow down the data in your worksheet, allowing you to view only the information you need. Tables include sorting and filtering by default. 

You can sort and filter your data at any time using the drop-down arrows in the header cells. When you click the drop-down arrow you will be presented with a pop-up box with many sorting and filtering options. When you filter your data it will temporarily hide any content that doesn't match the criteria. To restore all your data you simply need to click on the down arrow and select Clear Filter From ____.

For more on filtering please watch the provided tutorial.

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