Formatting Emails

With our email form, you can add pictures, colors, text formatting, links, bullets, paragraph formatting and more.

Attaching Files

You can attach one or multiple files to an email as long as the combined file size does not exceed 20 MB. We encourage you to create a desktop folder titled "ChMS Email Docs." This is where you can easily store and locate files you wish to send via email. When selecting multiple files for a single email you want to select the initial file, then while holding the ‘ctrl’ button, select the additional file(s). This function allows you to select multiple files at once, even if they are not adjacent to each other in the folder. This is important as you are only able to select files once from the email pop-up. You will not be able to attach multiple documents that are in different folders.  

Note: The larger the file size, the longer the email may take to send. If you do not receive notification stating the email has been sent please view the bottom right section of your screen. You will find a message stating the file is uploading.  Please do not select 'send' multiple times.  This will result in the email being sent multiple times.

Adding Pictures

To add a picture to your email, we suggest you copy and paste into a Word document.  If you do not copy and paste into a Word document and you use the add picture icon from within the contact form you will only be able to grab a web picture and not a picture you might have saved on your computer.

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