Mass Counts/Service Attendance

Please click on this link to watch the video or see below for written instructions: ChMS Mass Counts

Note: You will need to create "Services" in order to track attendance/Mass counts.

1) Scroll to Schedules > Service Maintenance where you will see a list of your Masses. Click View next to the Mass that you wish to add your Mass Count to.

2) Select the Count tab, then click Add Service Attendance.

3) The Add Service Attendance box will appear. Add the DateLocation (optional), and the number of parishioners in attendance. Then, click Save.  

Note: If you are going to be using the Location field, we suggest you create standard entries so that the data can be sorted by location in a report/download.  

4) To download this data, select Download and you will be prompted to download the file as an Excel .xlsx or .csv.  This data can be used to create graphs to view trends in Mass Attendance and files can easily be sent to your Diocese.

In addition to the download, you can go to Reports Report Library to generate the Mass Attendance Count Report.

Giving Access To Usher's for Entering Mass Counts

If your ushers have access to a smart phone or other device that can be connected to the internet, then you can set them up so they can enter Mass Counts in real-time while at Mass. The ushers can use their personal email (only if it is not currently connected to the Member Portal) or the Parish Office can create emails for the ushers.  For example, [email protected] (jb being the usher's initials).

Once the email is created by the Parish Office, the usher should go through the New User Registration process.  Once the usher has created login credentials, the Parish Admin should accept the pending registration and give the user Service Manager only.  The ushers would access eCatholic ChMS by going to  

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