Online Family Registration Form

If you would like new parishioners to fill out an online registration form that links directly to your database, do the following:

Click on  Administrative via the top navigation bar and select Family Registration Form. You will then be taken to your unique online anonymous family registration page .
Copy the URL at the top of this page. You can then paste the link within any browser, such as your parish website, and it'll bring users to your family registration form.
Note: The name of your church will appear in place of where the screenshot shows "Emmanuel".


A typical process once the form is submitted by as follows:

  1. A person fills out the form which contains the core contact information.
  2. The Parish administrator searches for the new family (which will have a status of New Register). We suggest you check for families with a status of New Register on a regular basis so you can view any new registrations that are created.
  3. The new family record is reviewed to see if a Family Record already exists in the database, and the applicable Family Status assigned. If the family already exists in the database, update the existing record to reflect the new registration information. After the existing record has been updated, the New Register record can be deleted.
  4. The family can be invited to the Member Portal directly from the Family Record. The Member Portal will allow the parishioner to update the remainder of their family information (e.g. members, busy weeks, etc.).

Important Note: If a family fills out the Online Family Registration form using the same email that is tied to an already existing family record, the parish staff will still receive a notification that the form has been submitted, but a new family record will not automatically be created. This happens to prevent duplicate family records from being added.

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