Fund Maintenance Attributes

Fund Attributes can be used to help classify your funds into categories. Values are then assigned to the attribute type to classify the fund within the attribute. The attributes and values can be a set of standardized descriptions that are defined at the Diocesan level or the parish level, and are used to facilitate reporting at both the diocese and parish levels.  

One example could be the definition of an attribute called Fund Type. Values for fund type might include:

  • First Collection
  • Holy Day
  • Diocese Collection
  • National Collection

With these Fund Type Attribute values defined, a parish could have any number of funds defined with the appropriate attribute value.

You can have as many attribute types within a fund as needed. Once the Fund Attribute Type is established, it is available to use on any fund.

Other Fund Type values could be Parish, Religious Ed, Youth Ministry, etc. The following screenshots show Fund Type Attribute values being assigned in our demo parish.

System: GABRIEL,Attribute Name: Fund Type,Attribute Value: First Collection

From a diocese perspective each parish may title their first collection fund with any title – Sunday Offering, Weekly Giving, etc. If each parish designates the fund type as first collection that will allow for roll up to a deanery or diocese level for reporting purposes.

System: GABRIEL,Attribute Name: Fund Type,Attribute Value: Holy Days

If a parish broke out holy days into multiple funds each would have attribute fund type with a value of Holy Days. This would allow the parish to report on all Holy Day funds at a rolled up level.

Create a Fund Attribute

To create an attribute type and assign a value, please do the following steps:

1) Click on the Fund Name, go to the Attributes tab, and select Add Attribute

2) A pop-up called Create Fund Attribute will appear. Fill in the required fields. Once the attribute has been created click Save and will be available to be used in any fund.

Note: "System" would be defined where the contribution source is coming from. In the ChMS, contribution data is input either by the user (in which the system would be defined as CHMS), or it comes from a 3rd party and there are several options available to select from.

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