Create a recurring transaction in the Virtual Terminal

To create a recurring transaction, you'll need to create a new transaction from scratch in the Virtual Terminal, or create a new transaction based on a previous transaction.

If you want the first transaction to occur TODAY, then leave the "Transaction Type" set to "SALE" and enter the amount for the recurring transaction.

Otherwise, if you do NOT want the first transaction to be today, change the "Transaction Type" to "AUTH" and set the "Amount" to "0" (zero).

Next, complete all of the billing information and "Extra Processing Information" as desired. 

Then, expand the "Recurring Billing" section and follow these steps:

  1. Change "Enable Recurring Billing?" to "Yes"
  2. Enter the "Start date" for which you want the recurring billing to begin.
  3. Enter a "Rebilling frequency". For example, for monthly billing, enter the following: 1 month
  4. To allow the recurring billing to continue indefinitely, leave the "Number of cycles" field BLANK. Otherwise, enter the number of cycles that the recurring billing should run.
  5. Enter the "Rebill Amount" that you want to process with each recurring cycle.

To complete the set-up of the recurring billing, click "Process".

When you  view your list of transactions, you should then see something similar to the example below. In this case, the "Transaction Type" was set to "AUTH" and today's amount was set to $0. The "Rebill Amount" was then set to $35.00 and the "Start date" was set to today ("2015-07-20").

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