Service Maintenance (Step 2)

After you've set up your scheduling groups, it's now time to create all your service times. To do this, head over to Schedules > Service Maintenance.

1) Select New Service found in the top-left of your screen and a pop-up will appear. Fill out the appropriate information as described below, then click Save.

  • Service - Add whatever service description you'd like. Your description may look like "Sunday 8:00 am Mass".

Note: If you're part of a cluster and/or collaborative and will be using the Multi-Parish function, you'll need to create services for each church. Your description may look like "St. Cecilia - Sunday 8:00 am Mass".

  • Time of Day - Select the time your service will begin.
  • Day of Week- Select which day of the week your service is on.
  • Inactive - This box indicates whether or not the service is inactive. If this box is checked, the service time will be omitted when generating the schedule. If you have extra seasonal Masses that occur during summer, Christmas, and/or Easter season you can check/uncheck the Inactive box rather than deleting them and needing to create new service times each year.

Note: To edit any of this information later on, simply click View found to the right of each Service, then select the Service Information tab.

2) You will need to create Ministry Requirements for each of the Services you created. Ministry requirements are how eCatholic ChMS knows which ministries need to serve at this particular service, and how many people per ministry need to serve.

Begin by clicking View next to the Service (see screenshot above). You will automatically be taken to the Ministries tab. Now select New Service Ministry.

You'll then see a pop-up appear. Fill out the appropriate information as described below and select Save.

  • Service - The first field is grayed out and is automatically populated based on which Service you clicked into. If you are not in the service you would like, go back to Service Maintenance and click View next to the appropriate service.
  • Group - The next field is the group dropdown. Choose which group needs to be added to the schedule for this particular service. By selecting "Altar Servers" I am telling the ChMS that I would like Altar Servers to be schedules at my Sunday 8:00 am Mass.
  • Count - The next field (the box with the 2 in it) is the Count. This is what tells the ChMS how many people should serve in this particular group, for this particular service. The screenshot above is indicating that I would like two Altar Servers to serve at my Sunday 8:00 am Mass.
  • Priority - The next field (the box with the 1 in it) is the Priority. This is what tells the ChMS which groups to assign members to first. The screenshot above is indicating that Altar Servers is my #1 group. eCatholic ChMS will first assign Altar Servers to the schedule, then whatever group is assigned priority #2, #3, etc.
  • Inactive - You can mark a ministry as Inactive and they will not be part of the schedule.

Note: To edit this information at any point, select View next to each Service Ministry. To delete a service ministry, select Delete.

3) Repeat Step 1 for each service you would like to appear on the schedule. Repeat Step 2 for each group you would like to serve at each service. Once you've added all your services and service ministries, you can now add members to each scheduling group.

Scheduling Holy Days

The instructions above describe how you can add service times for each of your "ordinary" services. If you want to add service times for Holy Days that don't fall in your typical schedule such as Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, etc., then please read the note below:

When the "Add Service" pop-up appears from Step 1 above, you will need to add a date in front of the Service Description so it matches the following format: "YYYY-MM-DD Service Description" where Service Description can be your own description of the mass. See the screenshot below for an example:

After you click Save, you can proceed to Step 2 as normal.

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