Emailing Families - Family Record, Family Explorer, and Family Tags


For information about emailing members within the database, please see this article: Emailing Members - Member Record, Member Explorer, Groups.

Important Note: When emailing families using any of these methods, emails will be sent to the family email only if the Email Notification box is checked in the Family Record. Members will only receive the same email if the Email Notification box and Receive Family Alerts is checked for the member email address in the Member Record.

Email Notification box within the Family Record

PRO TIP: Multiple emails can be listed in an email field as long as they are separated by a semi-colon (with no spaces).

Note: Member's work email will not be notified when sending an email to families.

Note: After emailing through the ChMS, Send Grid will notify you of bounced emails but the notification does not include email addresses.  To review bounced and unsubscribed email addresses, generate the Email Exception Report found in your report library.

Emailing through the Family Record

To email an individual family through their Family Record, simply click into the Family Record in question by clicking on their Family Name. Then click Send Message toward the upper left corner.

Send Message within the Family Record

Emailing through Family Explorer

Within Families > Family Explorer, filter and sort your data to find the families you want to email. Select those families by checking the box(es) next to their Family Name(s). If you wish to send an email to all families in your parish, check the box next to the Family Name heading. Then click Actions and select Send Message from the resulting drop-down menu.

Selecting families to Send Message through Family Explorer

Emailing through Family Tag Maintenance

Go to Families > Family Tag Maintenance.  Select the Family Tag group(s) you want to email by checking the box(es) next to the name(s) of the Family Tag(s). If you wish to select all the Family Tags, check the box next to the Tag Name heading. Then click Send Message toward the upper left corner.

Selecting Family Tags to Send Message

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