Schedule Reports

There are quite a few different downloads and reports that are available for the Schedules module. Please read below to learn more about the different options you have.

Tip: You can send any of the reports to your scheduling groups by going to Groups > Group Maintenance. Check the box(es) next to your scheduling groups and click Send Message. Attach the schedule (perhaps you want to use the Scheduling Report) to your email so members can take a look at when they're scheduled to serve.


Schedule Download

Immediately after creating your schedule (or you can go to Schedules > View Schedule) click the Download button found near the top-left of your screen.

A pop-up will then appear where you can choose to download this file as an Excel .xlsx or a .csv; and you have the option to name the file.

Busy Weeks Report

Navigate to Schedules then select Service Maintenance. Then select Busy Weeks from the top of the table.

The Busy Weeks report will automatically download as an Excel .xlsx. It will display the Busy Week Date, Last Name, First Name, and the Busy Week Description. When a member gets assigned to the schedule, eCatholic ChMS will automatically add a busy week to the member. The description will be whatever the group name is that they're serving for (see Timothy Abney, Lily Antony, James Garrett and Zachary Brown Blase below).

If there are busy week descriptions that don't match the names of scheduling groups, this is because either the member themself or the parish staff entered this busy week to indicate they cannot serve that week (see Karley and Samantha Blackadere, and Renee Blakely below).

Tip: We highly encourage you to generate the Busy Weeks report prior to manually assigning anyone to the schedule. the ChMS will not automatically assign anyone to the schedule during their Busy Week, but users can override Busy Weeks when manually assigning people to serve. Generating and reviewing the Busy Weeks report will allow you to ensure you are not assigning people during their Busy Week.

Scheduling Report

Go to Schedules, then on the Service Maintenance page click Scheduling Report from the top of the table.

You'll then see a pop-up appear. Select the same From and To Dates that you used to generate your schedule. The two dropdowns on the left allow you to generate the report for a specific member or family. If you want to generate the schedule for everyone, you can leave these two dropdowns as is. Use the dropdowns on the right to select which groups you want to generate this report for.

This report will include the Service Dates and Scheduling groups that you selected in the pop-up as shown above.

Mass Attendance/Counts Download

Go to Schedules > Service Maintenance, then click View next to the service you want to download the Mass Attendance for. Select the Counts tab then choose Download and you will be prompted to download the file as an Excel .xlsx or .csv.  This data can be used to create graphs to view trends in Mass Attendance and files can easily be sent to your Diocese.

Mass Attendance Count Report

Go to Reports > Report Library. Then scroll to the Scheduling section and click on the Mass Attendance Count Report.

This report shows Mass/Service Counts for a given date range and shows percentage of active members attending for the period. (Enter Saturday date as from date parameter and Sunday date as To Date parameter to get percentage for a weekend.)

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