How to download form data and open it in Excel

You can easily download data submitted to your online forms as a CSV file, which you can then import into Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or other applications. 

To download your form data from your eCatholic-powered website in a CSV file, follow these steps:

  1. While logged in to your website, navigate to the page on which the form is located.
  2. Hover your cursor over the form, then locate the Form Data section (located beneath the Basic and Prebuilt fields near the bottom of the form).
  3. Click the Manage Form Results button (highlighted below) to view the form submissions.  

The Form Results Manager will allow you to view and search the form submissions and also download the CSV file. Click the blue Download button to download the form results.

Your browser will generally save the downloaded file in your Downloads folder by default.

A CSV file is a standard file type that can be opened by any spreadsheet or database software. Here's how to open your form data in Microsoft Excel.

  1. Launch Microsoft Excel, and then select Open to browse for your file. The "Downloads" folder is usually where you'll find the CSV file you just downloaded from your eCatholic-powered website. (You may need to make sure that "All Files" is selected in order to find your file.)

  2. Next, you may get a warning from Excel about the data type, and you can click "Yes" to allow the file to be opened.

  3. Then, you'll be taken to the Text Import Wizard. Select Delimited as the data type.

    Select Comma as the delimiter (CSV = comma separated values). You should see your data appear correctly now in the preview.

  4. In the final step, you can apply some additional formatting if you like, but leaving everything set as "General" will be fine in most cases. Click Finish to complete the import process.

Now your data is separated into columns, but things may be looking a little cramped:

Widening your columns will make everything readable and give you data you can easily work with:

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