What is eCatholic Connect?

Connect is a new communication and group management product built by eCatholic and integrated with eCatholic Websites.

With Connect, you can:

  1. Easily send emails from your domain (best for email deliverability) 
  2. Invite members to join your organization and its groups
  3. Import members from your existing communication system
  4. Create unlimited groups
  5. Add other org and group admins 
  6. Send unlimited emails
  7. Send text messages (requires Twilio account)
  8. Schedule messages to send later
  9. Upload files and send to members
  10. Embed images in messages
  11. Receive message replies to your email 
  12. Capture new member sign ups directly on your website

When you access Connect on your mobile device, the web app is optimized and works great on mobile which allows for on-the-go management of your messages and groups.

Connect is also built to provide your members full access to their personal account, which allows members to:

  1. Easily subscribe to receive your messages without creating an account
  2. Easily unsubscribe from messages (allowing your organization to comply with anti-spam regulations)
  3. Create an account (optional) to manage their personal details, memberships & communication preferences
  4. View messages
  5. Access shared group files online

What makes Connect different from other communication tools?

Easy to use

As you’ve come to expect from eCatholic’s products, Connect is remarkably easy to use. Whether it’s the initial setup or ongoing group management and communication, Connect is built by Catholics, for Catholics. Anyone can do it!

Focus on data privacy, security and user control

From CAN-SPAM, to GDPR, to CCPA and more, there are a lot of laws and regulations governing communication and member data management. 

Connect has been built so that you don’t have to worry about the laws; Our tools and workflows are designed to ensure secure, private, and compliant communication and group management. 

Send email from your domain

It’s a hassle to ask people to add your communication tool's domain to their contact list in order for them to receive your emails. And frankly, there’s a better way.

With Connect, you can send emails directly from your domain. This will improve the deliverability of your emails and boosts the legitimacy and authenticity of your messages.

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