Importing from Venmo

eCatholic ChMS allows contributions to be imported from Venmo. Unfortunately, Venmo only provides one option for exporting transactions and it does not align well with importing into the database. To successfully import contributions from Venmo, please follow these steps.

Delete the rows from your spreadsheet that list the account name and date range for the contributions, as well as the empty row between the column headings and contributions.

Delete the row at the bottom totaling the contribution information.

Delete the blank column on the far left.

Import the file into your database following the Importing Contributions instructions. Make sure to select Venmo Contributions from the Importing Contributions drop-down menu.

After importing, the database will automatically take you to the Pending Imports page to clear any Unknown Families and Unknown Funds. You can use these instructions to accomplish this - How to Clear Pending Imports for Contributions.

Note: The ChMS uses information from the online giving export files to attempt to match contributions to the correct family records and funds in the database. (See Imported Contribution Mapping for details.) Unfortunately, Venmo's export files do not provide much information that would allow contributions to map properly and automatically. With the limited information Venmo files provide, users should expect to clear the majority of family records and funds from the Pending Imports page after each Venmo import into the ChMS.

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