How to disable a slide in the homepage slideshow

If you have a slide in your homepage slideshow that you want to remove and save to use later, use the Disable Slide option. Once disabled, the slide will remain in your queue to be re-enabled or permanently deleted at a later date. Here are the steps for disabling a slide in your slideshow.

How to disable a slide


Open the Slideshow Settings

Log in to your site and hover your cursor over the homepage slideshow. Then, click the settings icon that appears in the upper right corner of the slideshow to open the Slideshow Settings dialog.


Open the Slide Settings

Once the Slideshow Settings dialog appears, hover your cursor over the slide you want to disable. Next, click the individual slide's settings icon to open the Slide dialog.


Disable the slide

In the Slide dialog, locate the Disable Slide option. Click Disabled, then click the green Save button at the bottom of the dialog. You'll then be returned to the Slideshow Settings dialog. The disabled slide will be marked with the red disabled icon (pictured below).

Click Save at the bottom of the Slideshow Settings dialog, then Publish your homepage.

NOTE: Disabled slides do not appear in your slideshow; however, disabled slides do count against your slide limit.

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