End-of-Life for Email Service

At eCatholic and Sheenomo, we believe in beauty, excellence, and simplicity. Our goal is to focus on what we do best and to help transform the world as a result. 

In order to focus our time and energy on eCatholic WebsiteseCatholic Payments, and Sheenomo, we will no longer be hosting email accounts effective July 15, 2016. 

In place of our current, lightweight email service (SmarterMail), we encourage our customers to switch their email hosting to Google Apps, which is FREE for  churches and other non-profits, and for schools, and is inexpensive for businesses and other for-profit organizations.

Below are the answers to a few common questions to help guide you through this process. 

Why are you canceling your email service? 

We are canceling our email service (SmarterMail) in order to provide you with a better email solution and to allow us to focus on what we do best - websites and online donations / payments. 

Will this change affect my website? 

No, we will continue to provide you with the same great website and service as always! 

When is this change taking effect? 

We are no longer setting up new customers on SmarterMail, and current customers have until July 15, 2016 to switch their email accounts to a new email service. After that date, your email accounts will no longer work if you haven’t made the switch to a new email service. 

What new email service providers do you recommend? 

We recommend Google Apps or Office 365. We’ve been using Google Apps for our company emails for over 8 years and we love it!

Is it hard to make the switch to a new email service? 

No, it’s actually quite simple! If you want to switch your email accounts to Google Apps, simply follow the tutorials below.

How do we make the switch to Google Apps? 

Simply follow these tutorials:

What if I’m confused or need help? 

As always, our support team is here to help! Just contact us and we’ll be glad to answer any questions that you have about this transition and making the switch to Google Apps.

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