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Sample Bulletin Announcements

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Weekly Announcement Examples

Week #1:

[Short entry] Online giving now available! (94 words)
Parishioners and friends of [Church Name] can now make one-time or recurring gifts directly on our parish website. Stop worrying about weekly envelopes or mailing in special donations or ministry program fees. Instead, give a gift at any time (from any device that connects to the internet) using a current email and checking account/credit card. It’s simple and secure. You can even turn your tithe into an automatic gift that gives when and how often you’d like with your own online donor account. Visit [parishname.org/give] to see how easy it is!

[For larger column space] Online giving is now available! (190 words)
Between demanding schedules, traveling, or just trying to get out the door on time for Mass, it can be challenging to tithe on a regular basis as God calls us to do. Plus, for many families, the parish is one of the last places where you still have to use a checkbook or cash.

[Parish Name] is excited to offer online giving for families to easily give one-time as well as recurring gifts! Simply make a secure donation via electronic check or debit/credit card by visiting [parishname.org/give]. And if you choose to set up a recurring gift, you will be prompted by email to create your own online donor account to manage your gifts. It’s as easy as online shopping or banking!

Provided by eCatholic, the same company that hosts the parish's website, this online giving service has already been a proven success for many parishes, schools, and dioceses. And it makes for safer record-keeping, faster processing, and more efficient communication for the parish office.

Learn more and consider the possibilities for sharing your gifts without the hassle of remembering checks and envelopes. Visit  [parishname.org/give]

Week #2:

Our new online giving service is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (97 words)
Forget your checkbook or offertory envelope today?  Don’t worry. Just visit  [parishna me.org/give] on any device for these easy steps:
1. Choose a One-time or Recurring donation 
2. Select a preferred method of payment (electronic check or debit/credit)
3. Enter your information and submit!
Your gift will immediately process, and you’ll receive an email confirmation receipt.
Select recurring gift option? Great! Follow the instructions in your confirmation email to easily set up your own online donor account and determine the frequency and amount that you’d like to automatically give. And then stop having to remember those weekly envelopes!

Week #3:

The Convenience of Automated Tithing (85 words)
Many families have already chosen to give one-time or recurring donations through our website.  Explore the convenience of online giving at  [parishna me.org/give], and be one of the families who set their tithe to automatically occur when, how often, and in the amount they’d like to give. And always have access to update your information, change gift amounts, enter new payment methods, or pause/cancel a gift at any time. With online giving, you can forget about writing checks or swinging by the ATM.

Week #4:

Online giving goes beyond tithing (65 words)
Already many families and visitors have been enjoying the benefits of giving one-time and recurring gifts directly from the parish website. And our new online donations and payments system will help streamline CCD and youth ministry registrations by simply paying program fees within the same form as the registration. Simple, quick, and effective. Learn more and begin offering your gifts online at  [parishna me.org/give].

Week #5

Online giving for your benefit (48 words)
If you appreciate the ease of online banking and bill pay, you will be happy to know that you can now easily offer a regular tithe with automatic online donations. Visit  [parishna me.org/give] to learn more, make a one-time gift, or create a personal recurring gift account. 

Holidays and special occasion announcements

Prepare for Summer Travel:

Convenient, Automated Tithing for Your Busy Summer (54 words)
It’s almost summer time! While summer travels may take you places, your tithe can still make it into the offertory basket thanks to the convenience of automatic recurring giving. Simply set up your donor account today at [parishname.org/give], and then don’t worry about mailing in any weekly envelopes before packing your suitcase.


The Season of Giving (43 words)
The blessing of the Advent season is upon us and soon it will be Christmas! Please consider a gift to [Parish name] during this holy season. Make a one-time or recurring donation online by visiting [parishname.org/give]. It’s quick, easy, and convenient!


Alms giving with online giving (48 words)
Fulfill your second collection gifts this Lent with online giving. Whether giving a one-time or recurring gift for your regular tithe, consider how to make it a more meaningful Lent by sharing your gifts yet keeping the convenience of electronic giving. Visit [parishname.org/give] to learn more.

  • Easily tithe with online donations and no longer worry about envelopes. Visit [parishname.org/give] to learn more.
  • Automatically send your offertory gifts with an online recurring gift account. Visit [parishname.org/give] to learn more.
  • Online giving offers helpful solutions to support your stewardship efforts. Visit [parishname.org/give] to learn more.

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