Send a custom email message to visitors after they submit a payment

How to create a custom Payment Complete Email Message (eCatholic Payments)

If you use eCatholic Payments to build online payment forms, you can create a custom Payment Complete Email Message. This is an email visitors will receive after they submit their payment on your website.

An Auto Reply Email message is a great way to say thanks, confirm that the information was successfully submitted, or provide followup information.

  1. Drag-and-drop the Auto Reply Email field into the form.

  2. Hover your cursor over the field and click the field's settings icon.

  3. Use the text editor to customize the Payment Complete Email Message.

Here's an example of how the customized Payment Complete Email will look:

Send a Submission Summary

Want to include a submission summary with your customized Payment Complete Email? Go to the Advanced tab of the Auto Reply Email settings and set the Send Submission Summary setting to On.

What is the difference between the regular Email field and the Auto Reply Email field?

When creating an online form, there are two options you can use to collect an email address from your visitors. Learn the difference here.

Payment Incomplete Email Message

You can also create a custom Payment Incomplete Email Message. This is an email visitors will receive if they submit their data to the online form, but do not complete the payment portion of the form. After about 10 minutes, they will receive an email with the message you have customized here:

Here's how the Payment Incomplete Email Message looks in an email inbox:

NOTE: The Payment Incomplete Email Message automatically includes a hyperlinked Finish & Pay Now button that users can use to easily complete the payment on your website.

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