How to turn on/off social media icons in the header

If your parish or organization is active on any social media platforms, it's a great idea to have icons in your website's header that link directly to your official social accounts. Here's how to set up social media icons on your eCatholic website:


Update your Header Settings to enable social media icons

To update the Header Settings, follow these steps (illustrated below):

  1. Log in and scroll to the top of your website.
  2. Click the Header Settings icon to open the Header Settings dialog (located on the left edge of your site's header region).
  3. Locate Social Media in the Header Settings dialog and toggle the setting to On.
  4. Click Save to exit the dialog, then click the green checkmark in your header region to publish your changes.


Select and connect the social media icons you'd like to appear in the header

Now that you've updated your header settings to enable the social media icons, the header will now display some default social media icons.

To edit the default icons, hover your cursor over the social media icons and click the gear icon that appears.

This opens the Social Media Settings dialog. You can add up to five social media icons. The pre-loaded icons available in the drop-down list include:

  • Blog, Email, Phone, RSS for News
  • Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flocknote
  • Youtube, Vimeo

Simply select each individual social media platform you'd like to appear in your header. Then enter the direct URL to your account for each platform.

Once finished, click SaveDon't forget to:

  1. Publish the sitewide changes you've made to your header.
  2. Test the icon links!

Entering Social Media Settings

  • For Facebook, you can enter either the full vanity URL for your account (e.g., or just your Facebook username (e.g., eCatholic).
  • For X (Twitter), you can enter either the full vanity URL for your account (e.g., or just your X handle (e.g., eCatholic). 
  • For Phone Numbers, if you are expecting calls to or from overseas, you may want to include a country code when entering your number.

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