How to manage payments in the Form Results Manager


Managing data submitted through your online forms is easy with the eCatholic Form Results Manager.

Filter form results using built-in categories…. or, by searching specific key words. Download your filtered data as a CSV file that can be opened in Excel or imported into your preferred member management software. Any form submissions that have been downloaded can be deleted individually or collectively. You can also edit submitted data, and the original value is stored for easy reference.

If you're using eCatholic Payments with your website, you can view total paid and unpaid amounts, update billed amounts, and record cash or check payments. You can also copy the page link to send unpaid visitors to complete their payment, or if you’re utilizing the auto-reply email field, just send them an email reminder with one click.

eCatholic’s Form Results Manager is just one more way we’re helping you more effectively communicate, inspire, and engage your audience.

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