Getting Started with your eCP Demo

Once you have signed up for an eCatholic Payments Demo, here are a few things you need to know to get started!


How to access your eCatholic Payments Demo site

When you sign up for an eCatholic Payments Demo, our team will send you an email that contains:

  1. The unique URL you can use to access the Demo site.
  2. The username you can use to log in to the site.
  3. Information on how to retrieve your password (your password is automatically generated and is emailed to you in a separate message).

Go to your Demo site and log in

  1. Click the URL provided in the email you receive to go to your eCatholic Payments Demo site (pictured below).
  2. Once there, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Login link located next to "powered by eCatholic" (pictured below).
  3. Enter your username and password and then click the "Login" button:

Explore your eCatholic Payments Demo

Once you log in, your organization's main page will appear (pictured below). 

Donations Page

Click on the Donations Page link in the left menu to access your Donations Page. Then, you can:

Payments Page

Click on the Payments Page link in the left menu to access your Payments Page. Then, you can:

Finally, have fun exploring all our online giving tools with eCatholic Payments!

Donations & Payments Beginner's Guide

Want a more comprehensive tutorial on getting started with eCatholic Payments? Set yourself up for success with our Beginner's Guide!

Get live help setting up your account

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