Preset Amounts on a Donations Form

Use the preset amounts feature to specify different gift sizes a donor can select when completing a donation form. For example:

  • Suggest gift sizes for easy giving (e.g., $25 donation, $50 donation, $100 donation)
  • Suggest gift sizes for specific causes (e.g., $25 new shoes for family, $50 clean water filter, $100 school lunches for a year)
  • Suggest gift sizes for giving levels (e.g., $100 silver, $500 gold, $1,000 diamond)

How to add preset amounts to your donation form

Follow these instructions to add preset amounts to your donation form.


Drag and drop the Donations module onto the page

Add a Donations module to a page, then click on the settings icon in the top right corner of the module.


Enter your preset amounts

Once the Payment Settings dialog appears, click into the Advanced tab to do the following:

  1. Enable preset amounts by toggling the Preset Amounts setting to On.
  2. Click the +Add Option button to open the Add Preset Amount Option dialog (pictured below).
  3. Use the Amount field to enter the amount for that particular option.

  4. If you wish, you can use the Label field to enter a label that will appear with the preset amount in the donation form.
  5. Once finished, click Save.

Adjust other display options

Once you've created all the preset amount options, you can:

  • Choose an amount to automatically appear selected when the form loads - Click the checkmark next to the preset amount option you'd like to be selected by default.
  • Arrange the order of the options - Hover your cursor over a preset amount option and use the orange handle to arrange the options using drag-and-drop.
  • Edit an existing preset amount option's amount or label - Click the amount or label on any existing preset amount option to edit the values (pictured below).

  • Delete a preset amount option - Click the trash can next to the preset amount option you wish to delete.
  • Accept other amounts - Toggle the Accept Other Amount setting to On to allow visitors to enter a custom donation amount.

Preview the Preset Amounts in your form

Once you save your settings, you can preview how the preset amount buttons will appear in your donation form. When donors click on a preset amount, their selection will be highlighted. Be sure to publish your page when you are ready to start collecting donations!

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