How to take your website LIVE

 In order to take your new website LIVE at your domain name (web address), you'll just need access to the registrar account where your domain name is registered and update your nameservers to the following:


Once you've made that change, you should be able to see your new site at your domain name within a few minutes to 48 hours, depending on how long it takes for the propagation lag to wear off. 

Note: We recommend going live in the evening when traffic is minimal. The process to setup your eCatholic website with a security certificate for your domain name occurs at the top of every hour, so there will be some downtime.


If you need help figuring out who your domain's registrar is, or who at your organization might have that account login, just let us know and we can help you dig for some more information! 

If you have access to the registrar account but need assistance with making this change, you can call or email support and provide us with your login information for the registrar account, and we will be happy to help you update the nameservers.

If you have not yet purchased a domain to use with your new website, you can do so at Just use their search tool to check whether the domain name you have in mind is available! When you're ready to purchase fill out this form to create a account and you will receive $5 promotional credit towards your purchase!


If you use your domain name for anything else in addition to the website, such as email or subdomains, you'll need to provide us with the current DNS records for your domain before updating the nameservers. That way, we can ensure that everything else will carry over smoothly when you do take your website LIVE.


Alternatively, if you are confident in your ability to modify your own DNS records and would like to have our IP address to point your domain's A record to, please contact our support team and they will be happy to provide you with the information you need.

My website is what?

Once your site is live, make sure you're getting the most out of your efforts. We've posted a list of helpful tips and action items on the blog.

Check out My website is what? on the eCatholic blog

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