How to add Catholic news modules

With eCatholic, adding video or written news from engaging Catholic sources is as easy and drag-and-drop! You can add Catholic news using the following modules:

Available Catholic news modules

  • News from the Vatican powered by Crux - Global Catholic news from Crux Now.
  • National Catholic Register - News from the oldest Catholic newspaper in the United States.
  • Rome Reports Video - VIDEO news from Rome Reports, a TV news agency covering the Vatican.
  • The Vatican YouTube Channel - VIDEO from the official Vatican YouTube Channel

Once you add and publish these modules on your website, the content within them will automatically update as each source publishes new content.

Here are the steps to add a Catholic News module to your site:


Drag and drop the module onto the page

Navigate to the page on which you'd like the Catholic News to appear. Then, click Add Content > Catholic > then drag and drop one of the Catholic News modules onto the page.


Edit the module settings (optional)

Hover your cursor over the module and click the settings icon to access the following settings:

  • Language - Select whether you'd like the module's contents to display in English or Spanish.
  • Available with: Vatican News (, Rome Reports Video, The Vatican YouTube Channel
  • Items to Display - Specify the number of news items you'd like to display on the page.
  • Available with: Vatican News (, National Catholic Register
  • Video Settings - Each of the video modules offer the following settings:
    • Show player controls: Select whether you'd like to show or hide the YouTube player controls at the bottom of the video.
    • Show video titles: Select whether you'd like to show or hide the YouTube player title at the top of the video.
  • Available with: Rome Reports Video, The Vatican YouTube Channel

Click the green Save button when finished editing the module settings. Once you Publish the page, the Catholic News module(s) you've added will be visible on your live website.

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