Export and download a CSV file of transactions

Within the Payments Center, you can easily generate a downloadable CSV file of your transactions. Here's what you need to know!

Other Payments Center reporting options:


Log in and access the Payments Center

Log in to your eCatholic website and select Payments from the product selector in the upper left hand corner to open the Payments Center.


Filter your transactions (if desired)

Once in the Payments Center, the Transactions / Reporting tab will display your Transactions List for all accounts and subaccounts by default. If you'd like, you can use the Filter & Search Options to include/exclude specific transactions, accounts, and subaccounts from your report.

Here's a breakdown of how to use the filter and search tools:

• Select specific account(s) or subaccount(s)

The checkmarks (pictured below) indicate which account(s) and/or subaccount(s) will be included in the report. By default, all accounts and subaccounts will be checked (i.e., included in the Transactions List).

To select a specific account, do the following:

  1. Click All Accounts to deselect all account and subaccounts.
  2. Then, click the account(s) and subaccount(s) you want to include. (A blue checkmark will appear next to the selected account or subaccount.)

• Filter by date

The default Date Range will be set to This Month. Use the selectable Date Range menu to filter transactions by Last Month or a Custom date range (pictured below).

HINT: You can also filter your Transactions List via these options:

  • Transaction type (e.g., refund, recurring charge, etc.)
  • Status (e.g., approved, settled, declined, etc.) - If you are importing your contributions into your church database the correct option is to select Settled as this will exclude any auths (the $0 transactions), errors, voids, or declines, leaving only amounts that have been deposited or refunded.
  • Payment method (e.g., ACH, Visa, Discover, etc.)

Use the appropriate drop-down menu to filter your Transactions List using these criteria (pictured above). Or, use the Search bar to search your Transactions List via keyword.


Click to download your CSV

Once you've filtered your transactions list as desired, you can download a CSV file of the transactions with one simple click: Just click Download: CSV (pictured below).

NOTE: CSV downloads are also available by Account or Subaccount. First, click the tab you wish to download, then click Download: CSV (pictured below).

* A CSV file download is not available for the Accounts & Subaccounts tab.

You now have a CSV file that can easily be imported into your accounting software or data management system.

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