How to add daily Lent reflections from Bishop Barron

Bishop Robert Barron's daily Lent Reflections will become available each year just prior to the beginning of the Lenten season. The instructions below provides a step-by-step guide for adding the Lent Reflections module to your website. It's incredibly simple!

The Lent Reflections module will update daily during the Lenten season with reflections from Bishop Robert Barron via his Word on Fire ministry. Go ahead and add the module to your website – it won't appear publicly on the page until Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent).

NOTE: It is safe to publish the Lent Reflections module on your website prior to the first day of Lent. The module's content will automatically appear on the live, public-facing version of your website on Ash Wednesday.


Add the Lent Reflections module to the page

To locate the Lent Reflections module, click on Add Content > Catholic > Lent Reflections. Drag and drop the module onto the page.


Select your language

The Lent Reflections module will appear in English by default. However, you can also choose to display the module in Spanish. To select your language, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the module.


Publish the page

Once you've successfully added the module to the page, click Publish.

PRO TIP: Set a reminder to replace the Lent module after Easter. Since it is a seasonal module, the Lent module content will automatically disappear once Lent has ended. If left unaddressed, there may be an empty space on your website where the Lent module was once published.

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