How to create a Quick Link in the Site Map Editor

Quick links provide a way for you to easily highlight a few of your site’s most important pages. Adding a quick link creates a direct link to a specific page/URL. On the desktop version of your published website, quick links appear in the header. On the mobile version of your site, quick links are featured in the menu.

NOTE: The Quick Link feature is available in all free themes except Lorenzo, Lourdes, Antioch, and Xavier. If you are using one of these free themes, you will not have the ability to add Quick Links as described in this article.

To create and manage your quick links, click on Site Map in the white admin toolbar to open the Site Map Editor. The top of the Site Map Editor contains the Quick Links Toolbar, which is where you can add, rearrange, and delete quick links.


How to create a quick link

To create a new quick link in the Site Map Editor, just drag any existing page or link from your site map and drop it into the Quick Links Toolbar (illustrated above).


How to organize quick links

Just drag and drop the quick links within the Quick Links Toolbar to manage the order in which they’ll appear on your website (illustrated above).


How to delete quick links

To delete a quick link, just hover over an existing quick link located in the Quick Links Toolbar and click the red X icon that appears in the upper right corner of the Quick Link (illustrated above). This action deletes the quick link only; the actual page itself will remain unchanged.

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