How to add a new page in the Site Map Editor

With eCatholic’s Site Map Editor, you can easily create new pages, rearrange pages, and delete pages using drag-and-drop.

Here’s how to add a new page in the Site Map Editor.

TIME OUT: If you haven't already, perhaps you should get familiar with all the tools within the Site Map Editor. Check out Understanding the Site Map Editor for a general overview.


Open the Site Map Editor

First, open the Site Map Editor by clicking Site Map in the white Admin Toolbar. Then, find the Site Map Toolbar, which is located at the bottom of the Site Map Editor. The toolbar contains the following elements:

  1. Page - Just as it sounds, creates a new page for your website :)
  2. Secure Page - Creates a page that requires visitors to enter a password before accessing its contents
  3. Link - Creates a direct link within your navigation (i.e., if clicked, visitors will be redirected to whichever internal or external link you enter)
  4. Group - Creates a grouping of pages that can be used to organize your main navigation (Learn more: How to create a Mega Menu and manage navigation groups)

Drag and drop the Page element into the Site Map

To add a new page, click and drag the Page element from the Site Map Toolbar. Drop the element exactly where you want it to appear within the Site Map. You will then be prompted to finish creating the new page by defining certain details.


Enter the page's navigation name and other details

After you drop the element into the Site Map Editor, a dialog box will appear prompting you to fill in the following details.

  • Navigation Name - The title that appears in your site's navigation menu.
  • Page Name - The title that appears at the top of the new page.
  • Page Alias - Defines a page's URL (e.g., The page alias must consist of all lowercase letters; it cannot contain spaces or special characters.

NOTE: When creating a new page, it is common for the Navigation Name and Page Name to be identical.


Save and publish your changes

Once you’ve finished working in the Site Map Editor, click the green Save button at the bottom of the screen. After you verify that you’re ready to Save and Exit the Site Map, you will return to access your site in Edit Mode.

Now you'll be able to edit the new page. However, be sure to publish the new page once you're ready for it to appear on the live version of your site.

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