How to add eCatholic LIVE users

To assign or edit the access of your site's users to your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal, follow these steps:


Open your site's Admin Users control panel

Click Admin in the white Admin Toolbar (#1 illustrated above), then click the Admin Users tab to open the Admin Users control panel (#2 illustrated above).


Click on the existing Admin User to which you want to assign eCatholic LIVE Portal access

Find the existing user in the list of your site's Admin Users, then click on their profile to open their user settings ( #3 illustrated above).

In the Basic tab, scroll down to locate the eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal Privileges section (#4 illustrated above). 

Click On, then click the green Save/Publish button once finished (#5 illustrated above).

NOTE: If the person isn't an existing Admin User on your website, you'll need to create an Admin User account for them. See How to create new Admin User accounts for complete instructions.

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