How to add a map and directions to your event

When you use the Events module to add an upcoming event to your website, you can also include a Google Map (with directions) to the event. Follow these steps to make it happen:


Access the event settings

Navigate to a page that contains the event. Hover your cursor over the event and click on the Settings icon to open the event settings dialog.


Add a location

If you have never added the location to your site, here's what you need to do:

NOTE: If you have previously added the location to your site, skip this step and move on to step 3.

  1. Locate the Manage Locations button in the event settings dialog (pictured below). Click Manage Locations to begin adding the location to your site.
  2. This will open the Manage Locations dialog. Click Add Location, then edit the following settings:
    • Location Name - Assign a Location Name (e.g., Community Hall).
    • Provide Google Map for Location - If desired, click Enable to generate a Google Map for the location.
    • Location Address - Enter the location address or the name of the location (e.g., [Organization Name], [City]), which will allow Google to generate the map.
    • Location Details - Use the WYSIWYG editor to enter any relevant location details.

Once finished, click the green Save button. This will return you to the Manage Locations dialog, which will display all locations created on your site. Simply click the orange Done button to proceed to the event settings dialog.


Tag the location to the event

Once the location has been created, you must tag it as the location of the specific event. In the event settings dialog, use the Location drop-down menu (pictured below) to select the appropriate location.

Once finished, click Save.

After you publish the event, your visitors will be able to view the event details page as pictured below. When visitors click the name of the location, the Location Details and Google Map will appear. Visitors can use the Directions feature on Google Maps to get directions to your event location.

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