How to copy a form

With the eCatholic Online Forms module, you can easily copy any form and move it to a specific page of your site. Here are the steps:


Navigate to the form

Log in to your website as an Admin and navigate to the page that contains the online form you'd like to copy.

NOTE: This process will only work for forms built using the eCatholic Online Forms module. In addition, Authors and Publishers cannot copy forms; only Admins have access to this feature.


Access the form settings

Hover your cursor over the form and click the settings icon (pictured below) to open the Online Form Settings dialog.


Go to the Advanced settings to copy the form

Click the Advanced tab, then use the Copy to Page drop-down menu (pictured below) to select the page to which you'd like to copy the form. Next, click the blue Copy Online Form button. You will then be prompted to confirm the action.

Copying a form to a page that already contains a form

Each page of your website can only contain one online form. As a result, copying an online form to a different page will replace any existing form on the destination page.

To avoid the accidental loss of form data, you cannot copy an online form to a page that contains a form with results that have not been downloaded. If you try to do this, you will be prompted to first download the outstanding form results. The original form on the destination page will not be replaced until you download its outstanding results.

Once finished, click the green Save button at the bottom of the Online Form Settings dialog.


Publish the copied form

Finally, navigate to the page to which the form was copied, then click the Publish button.

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