PCI Tutorial

A Guide to the ControlScan Self Assessment Questionnaire

Upon approval of your BluePay merchant account, you should have received an email from ControlScan with information on how to log in and become PCI compliant. If you did not receive this email, please email us at  payments@eCatholic.com

As outlined in the email from ControlScan, you must complete a PCI compliance Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) once a year in order to be PCI compliant and avoid paying a monthly noncompliance fee. To log in and get started with the SAQ, follow the instructions in the email from ControlScan. 

Below is a guide to help you get started with the SAQ and make sure that you only have to answer the questions necessary for using eCatholic Payments.

SAQ Introduction


Click on the link that says Click here to complete Questionnaire.


Click the Next button.


Complete your organization information.


Choose Yes.


Click the blue Add Service Provider button.


In the Service Provider Information form, enter the following information:

Click the Next button.


Choose the appropriate Merchant Category and then Merchant Type.

NOTE: Do not check the box that starts with "Check here if your organization provides payment related services..."


Choose the option that says Shopping Cart.


Choose the option that says Entire Internet Presence Outsourced.


Choose the option that says No, Finished adding processing methods.


IF this question is asked, choose No.


You should receive a screen that shows you are eligible to answer the "SAQ-A Merchant" questionnaire.

Click "Yes".

Complete the rest of the SAQ...

Once you've followed the steps above, you will be presented with a series of questions, broken down into groups, about your organization's handling of credit card data. If a question does not apply to your organization, choose "Not Applicable". If a question does apply, choose "True" after verifying that the answer is true for your organization. 

Sign and Submit your SAQ

At the conclusion of the SAQ, you will be asked to sign and submit the SAQ.

All Done!

Once you've submitted your SAQ and returned to the main page, you'll see a green circle to indicate that you are PCI Compliant.

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