PCI Tutorial

You, as the merchant account owner,  must complete a PCI compliance Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) once a year in order to be PCI compliant and avoid paying a monthly non-compliance fee. Even if you are not actively using eCatholic Payments at the moment, your CardConnect account is still subject to compliance. To get started with the SAQ, follow the instructions below.

There are two ways to get started:

  1. Log into your CardPointe account (if you have access to a CardPointe account)
  2. Create a SecureTrust account (if you do not yet have access to a CardPointe account)Revision History

Log into your CardPointe account (pictured below)

Log into your CardPointe account by visiting www.cardpointe.com/account (pictured below).

If you have not registered your account yet, you may do so by visiting cardpointe.com/account/registration#/registration (pictured below). You will need the MID that is in your PCI email.

Once you are logged in, click on "My Account". Under PCI Status, you can click on the hyperlink labeled "Not Compliant" (pictured below) in-line with your main Merchant ID.

After you click on "Not Compliant", you will be redirected to the SecureTrust website to start* the PCI Compliance process

*NOTE: When you are redirected to the PCI Compliance process, click on "Guide Me" to begin the tutorial. You can now skip ahead to the Complete the PCI Questionnaire portion of this Help Article below.


Log into your SecureTrust account:

You can get started using this link: https://cardpointe.managepci.com/(pictured below).

Next, this screen will pop up (pictured below). You can read and answer the question:

Begin by entering your Business Information and Primary Contact Information (pictured below). When you are done, click Next.

Then, you will be prompted to watch a short video about PCI Compliance (pictured below). When you are ready, click Start Business Profile to get started.  

On this screen (pictured below), you can read the statement and click NextIf you are renewing your PCI Compliance and nothing has changed in the previous year, click No (pictured below). If you are a new account, you will likely not see this screen. Click Next.

Choose Expert to begin the PCI Questionnaire.  Click Next (pictured below).

Select Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) A:

Click Next:

    Service Providers:

    • Select: Yes

    Multiple Acquirer:

    • Select: No

    Then click Next.

     Summary of how and where you handle card payments:

    List your business premises type(s) and a summary of locations that are relevant to your PCI DSS assessment:

    • Enter: “Merchant is e-commerce and outsources all credit card processing".

    Generally, how does your business store, process and/or transmit cardholder data?

    • Enter: "Merchant is e-commerce and outsources all credit card handling through a PSP".

    Briefly describe the environment and/or systems covered by this assessment:

    • Enter: "All processing is done through third-party software."

    Then click Next