How to create a Facebook Event with a Facebook Live broadcast

When scheduling a one-time broadcast or a simulated-live broadcast in your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal, you can also choose to create a Facebook Event for the broadcast.

Using this feature can be an effective way to create anticipation and buzz around your live video, while also providing an opportunity to build an audience before your live broadcast begins. Here are the steps!

NOTE: This feature is only available to eCatholic LIVE Pro, Premiere and Trial plans. In addition, it can only be utilized with one-time and simulated-live broadcasts.

Schedule a broadcast to syndicate on Facebook Live

Follow the instructions to schedule a Facebook Live broadcast. Once you get to the Syndication section of the broadcast settings, move on to Step 2 below.


Edit the Syndication settings

After you've completed the first portion of the broadcast settings, use the following settings to syndicate your event on Facebook + create a Facebook Event.

  • Facebook Live Syndication - Set to Yes.
  • Facebook Page - Select the Facebook Page or profile on which you'd like to publish the live broadcast.
  • Facebook Page Privacy - Verify the Facebook Page Privacy setting. Note then when broadcasting to a Facebook Page (e.g., a Facebook Business Page), the broadcast must be set to Public.
  • Create Facebook Event - Set to Yes.

Once you click Add Broadcast, you're all set! Since you created a Facebook Event, you can expect the following to occur:

  • A reminder will be placed on your Facebook Page's timeline ( pictured below), which may appear in your Followers' News Feeds.

  • Your Facebook followers can choose to receive a reminder about the upcoming broadcast
  • Fans can join a pre-broadcast lobby before the live video starts to connect and interact with other viewers, share the broadcast, and view a countdown to the live broadcast.

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