Add a live stream countdown

In addition to configuring your site to display live broadcasts in your homepage feature region, you can also easily add a countdown to your next live broadcast. Here are the steps:


Drag and drop the countdown module onto a page

Navigate to the page on which you'd like the countdown to appear. Then, click Add Content > Video > then locate the eCatholic LIVE countdown module (pictured below).


Enter a link (optional)

After you drop the module onto the page, you can enter an external or internal link. Most often, this is used to direct visitors to a page of your site that contains your eCatholic LIVE Player.

Once you enter a link, visitors will see one of the following options when they hover their cursor over the countdown module:

  • If a broadcast is scheduled - A "View Archives" button will appear, directing visitors to the link you enter.
  • If a broadcast is live - A "Watch Now" button will appear, directing visitors to the link you enter.

NOTE: If there is no scheduled upcoming broadcast, the module will not be visible to the public (i.e., those viewing your site logged out).

Once finished, click Save.

Not seeing your broadcast recognized in the countdown?

Your site checks your eCatholic LIVE broadcast schedule every few minutes. As a result, it may take up to five minutes after a broadcast is scheduled for it to be recognized in the countdown module.

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