How to feature a live stream on your homepage

With eCatholic LIVE Broadcast Mode, you can automatically stream your live broadcasts in your homepage feature region. Here's how to configure the feature region to automatically display your live stream.


Access the Feature Region Settings

To begin, log in to your eCatholic-powered website, then hover your cursor over the homepage feature region and click the settings icon in the top right corner of the region (pictured below) to open the Feature Region Settings dialog.


Turn on eCatholic LIVE Broadcast Mode

Click into the Advanced tab of the Feature Region Settings, then:

  1. Make sure the eCatholic LIVE Streaming option is set to On during Broadcast.
  2. Use the eCatholic LIVE Player drop-down menu to select the desired eCatholic LIVE player. Then, that player's live videos will display in the feature region during all live broadcasts.
  3. LEARN MOREUnderstanding Player Types and how to use them

With this option, the selected eCatholic LIVE player will temporarily replace the existing homepage feature region content -- photo(s) or video -- to display a live stream in the feature region during all live broadcasts.

Once finished, click the green Save button to close the Feature Region Settings dialog and preview your changes. Finally, be sure to Publish the changes to your homepage.

Not seeing your live broadcast in the homepage feature region?

Your site checks your eCatholic LIVE broadcast schedule every few minutes. If a recently scheduled broadcast isn't appearing in the feature region as you'd expect, wait 3-5 minutes, refresh your page, then check again.

Other options for your homepage feature region

Check out the following tutorials to learn more about how to best utilize your site's homepage feature region:

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