How to complete the CardConnect Merchant Application

After you sign up for eCatholic Payments, you must complete your CardConnect merchant application.

Before you begin...

Please review the Procedures for Opening a New Merchant Account for eCatholic Payments. This document explains the information you'll need to provide during the application process, how the information is used, and other frequently asked questions.

View & Print PDF: Procedures for Opening a New Merchant Account for eCatholic Payments

Some portions of the merchant account application use language intended for businesses. Since eCatholic Payments primarily serves nonprofit organizations (e.g., Catholic church or school), the instructions below provide a guide to completing the merchant application as a nonprofit.

Who should complete this application

This application must be submitted from the signer's email address. You will not be able to complete and "sign" this application for someone else. If you need to have someone submit the application (e.g., your pastor) who will not be involved in the day-to-day maintenance of the account, have that person submit and sign the application with their own email address. Then, the primary email can always be changed after the account gets approved. 


Section 1: Business Details

Business Contact Info

  • Business Legal Name - This is typically the same as Tax Filing Name.
    • In most cases, you should click both checkboxes beneath the Business Legal Name field, which eliminates the need to complete the Tax Filing Name and DBA Name fields.
  • Business Phone - Enter your organization's phone number
  • Website - Enter your organization's website URL
    • If you do not have a live eCatholic website, enter your current live website address, not your temporary eCatholic URL.

NOTE: If you personally do not know the proper information for the Business Details fields, check with your organization's bookkeeper.

Business Address - Enter organization's physical address

  • In most cases, click the checkbox for "Use Business Address for Legal Mailing Address" option

Business Details

  • Years in Business - Select the option that applies to your organization
  • Type of Ownership - Select the option that applies to your organization (e.g., Churches and Schools can select Non-Profit Org)
  • Tax ID (EIN) - EIN stands for "Employer Identification Number."

Industry - Click Change Industry and enter one of the following:

  • 8661 - Religious Organization
  • 8398 - Charitable and Social Service Organizations

Business Owner Information -  Enter information for your pastor (church), principal (school), or other appropriate leader. This information is used to verify the identity of the account owner.

  • SSN - You do not need to enter your personal SSN. Instead, enter a random 9-digit number (e.g., 405621275)
  • In most cases, click the checkbox for "Use Business Address for Owner Residence Address" option

Once finished, click Ok. Looks great, let's move on! button to proceed.


Section 2: Banking & Processing

Banking Info - Enter the details for your Deposit and Withdrawal Account

Processing Info

  • Goods & Services
    • Average Annual Card Volume - Enter your best "guesstimate" of the expected annual volume with online giving for your organization.
    • Average Transaction Amount - Use the drop-down menu to select the option that best represents your organization (best "guesstimate")
  • ACH Processing - Sales means transactions (deposits to your account); Credits means refunds
    • Average Transaction Amount - Enter your best "guesstimate" of the expected ACH transaction amount and refund. 
    • Max Transaction Amount - What would be the maximum transaction and refund amount you would expect via ACH?
    • Average Monthly Volume - What do you expect the average monthly volume of ACH transactions to be?
    • Max Monthly Volume - What do you feel your maximum transaction and refund volume would be via ACH?
  • Product / Service Delivery Windows
    • For the "Do customers typically receive goods/services at the time of purchase?" field enter No.
    • For the "On average, how many days later do customers receive goods/services?" field enter 0-7 Days.
  • Mode of Transaction - Enter 100% in the "Online" field.

Once finished, click Ok. Looks great, let's move on! button to proceed.



Click Ok. Looks great, let's move on! button.


Agree & Sign

  • Fees listed in the left column (with the exception of the Voice Authorization Fee) are included in the transaction fees listed at
  • Fees listed in right column can be broken down as follows:
    • Statement Fee (Monthly) - $20 monthly charge as listed on
    • Chargeback Fee (Per Item) - $25 fee only charged if a chargeback occurs.
    • Retrieval Fee (Per Item) - $15 fee only charged if a retrieval occurs. 
    • PCI Non-Compliance Fee (Monthly) - $29.95 fee only charged if your organization does not maintain its yearly PCI compliance.
  • Click "I have read and agree to the First Data Program Guide."
  • Click "I have read and agree to the BlueChex Agreement."
  • NOTE: If desired, you can also download the First Data Program Guide and BlueChex Agreement for your records.

  • Sign Here - Enter your full name.
  • Click one of the following:
    • I am a Corporate Officer - Select this checkbox to proceed. This indicates that you are a representative of your nonprofit organization. By checking this box, you are stating that your church/nonprofit organization is the main entity; it does not make you personally liable for the account.  
    • I give my Personal Guarantee - This field is not required.

Upload an image

Finally, you will be prompted to upload an image of a voided check. eCatholic Payments customers are exempt from this requirement: You do not need to upload an image of your own voided check. Instead, download the image provided here, then upload the image into your application.


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