How to add closed captions to a video in your eCatholic LIVE archive

Adding closed captions to a video in your eCatholic LIVE archive allow those with hearing impairments to enjoy your content with visual text transcriptions on-screen.

To add captions to a video in your on-demand archives, follow the steps below.


Get a .vtt file with your video captions

The video captions feature currently supports captions in the .vtt file format (WebVTT) only. If you don't already have a .vtt file ready to go, you'll need to create a .vtt file yourself or hire a video transcription service to create the file.

Need help creating captions?

Check out How to create a .vtt file for video captions for tips and instructions.


Go to your archives and select a video

Next, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal.
  2. Go to eCatholic LIVE Tasks > Archive Management.
  3. Locate the video to which you'd like to add captions.
  4. Click the CC icon (pictured below).

NOTE: If the CC icon is green, captions have already been added to that specific archived video.


Upload the .vtt caption file

Once you click the CC icon for the video, the Closed Captions Management interface will open (pictured below).

  1. Use the Select Caption File button to select the appropriate .vtt file from your computer
  2. Click the blue Upload button
  3. If desired, use the Validate Captions button to check the captions for errors.

That's it! Captions will now be available on your archived video for viewers on PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

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