How to see live view analytics while you stream

With eCatholic LIVE analytics, you can get a live perspective of your viewers during a live broadcast. Here's what you need to do to see live view analytics.


Log in to your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal

 To access your eCatholic LIVE portal, log in to your website, click the down caret next to Websites in the upper left hand corner, and select Live Streaming.


Click Live Viewer Map to see live analytics

Once in the eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal, locate your Broadcast Status in the dashboard.

If you are currently broadcasting, your Broadcast Status will include a  Live Viewer Map button (pictured above). Click Live Viewer Map to see the Viewer Map and the Stream Monitor (pictured below).

This page will display the current live analytics for your broadcast. Simply refresh the page to get the latest statistics.

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