Add a campaign progress bar to a page

Use the eCatholic Payments Progress Bar module to easily inform site visitors about fundraising and campaign progress. This simple tool creates a clear diagram displaying the progress of current funds raised toward an overall goal. Follow the instructions below to get started!


Drag and drop the Progress Bar module onto the page

Log in to your site and navigate to the page on which you'd like the progress bar to appear. Once there, click Add Content > Add-ons > Progress Bar, then drag and drop the module onto the page.

NOTE: The Progress Bar module is only available for eCatholic Payments customers. If you do not utilize eCatholic Payments, you will not see the Progress Bar module in your site's content tray.


Adjust the Progress Bar settings

Once you drop the module onto the page, the Progress Bar Settings dialog will appear. You can configure the module using the following settings:

  • Amount Funded - Enter the dollar amount you'd like to appear as the "funded" amount in the module.
  • Goal Amount - Enter the total dollar amount for the campaign.
  • Donate Button - Set to On if you'd like to display a linked button within the module. (If you're adding the Progress Bar module to a page that already contains a donation form, this setting will not appear.)
    • Button Text - Enter the text you'd like to display on the button.
    • Link Type - Select the type of link you'd like to configure with the button (i.e., Internal will allow you to select an existing page from your eCatholic site map; External will allow you to paste a custom URL).
    • Link URL - Enter the URL to which you'd like the button to link.
    • Facebook Button - Set to On if you'd like to display a "Share on Facebook" button visitors can use to share a link to your donation opportunity on their personal Facebook News Feed.

Publish the page

As always, be sure to click the green Publish button to allow your site's visitors to see your new campaign progress bar!

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