How to delete a photo album

Need to delete an entire photo album? Follow these simple steps to permanently remove a photo album from your eCatholic website.

Deleting a photo album


 Visit your photo album page

Your website has a default page where all your photo albums are shown. The page can be easily accessed using the page alias "photoalbums" after your organization's URL ( e.g., Once you are there you will see a list of photo albums, starting with the one edited most recently.


 Click on the title of the album you wish to delete


 Click to delete the album

After selecting the specific album, you will be directed the that particular album's page for making changes. In the bar at the bottom of the screen, near the + PHOTOS option, you will find the Delete icon. Select to Delete the album. 


 Confirm your selection 


 Remember to publish 

Even though you confirmed deleting your album, you will still want to publish the change. Find the  Notification Center located at the top right of your site's blue Admin Toolbar. Select the notifications alert and there you will find the latest change to the album. Select to publish the individual change using the green checkmark, or select to Publish All changes using the button at the bottom of the notification window.

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