Making sure the text in your homepage slideshow graphics doesn't get cut off

Looking to add photo slides to your homepage full feature region? Here are a few very helpful tips on creating the perfect slides for your eCatholic site! 

Note: This guide is for themes featuring full feature  regions. Current themes offering full feature regions include San Juan, Cyprus, Damascus, Lucca, Moser, Cascia, Turin, Lorenzo, Loyola, Verona, Lourdes, Santiago, Krakow, Porres, Xavier, and Bethany.

For the typical Full slideshow, the dimensions used are 1920 480 pixels. The idea behind the Full slideshow is that it is supposed to take up the whole width of the monitor, no matter how large. However, on smaller monitors or when browsing in windowed mode, you may have noticed that the sides of your image may get chopped off. Unfortunately, on smaller monitors, if the entire image was shown, it would have to be shrunk quite small, so in order to keep the same feel, the sides of the image spill over the edge. See this comparison:

This image looks fine when the browser is maximized on a large monitor:

But on a small monitor, the words get chopped off:

With that in mind, when designing for a Full slideshow, make sure your message or the central focus of your picture is within the center 900 pixels of the image you'll be adding to the slideshow.

With this new image, the main part of the image, the sunset, and the words are all in the middle 900 pixels of the image:

This way, not only on smaller desktops but also on handheld devices, the text in the slide will be clearly seen. Compare:

On a smaller desktop:

On a tablet:

On a smartphone:

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