Remove Google Translator embed code from your website

Since Google discontinued its Google Translator toolkit in December 2019, the translator widget (pictured below) will no longer appear on your website.

Google Translate Plugin

As a result, it is best to remove the unnecessary HTML code from your site. Here's what you need to do:


Log in to your eCatholic-powered website

To begin, log in to your eCatholic website. You'll need to have Admin editing privileges to complete this process.


Navigate to your site's header or footer

The Google Translator widget embed code was likely placed in your site's header or footer.

  1. Navigate to the area that originally contained the widget (header or footer).
  2. Click into the header or footer text box.
  3. Click the Source button in the text editor (also known as the WYSIWIG editor).


Locate and delete the Google Translator embed code

In the dialog that appears, delete the embed code for the Google Translator plugin.


Publish your header or footer

Next, a green publish icon will appear next to the Header Settings or Footer Settings button. Click the icon to publish your changes.

Explore other website translation options

Explore all your options for translating a website: Head over to the blog to read Three ways to translate your website (and whether you actually need to).

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