How to add the Knights of Columbus video module

The Knights of Columbus and eCatholic are proud to present a new video module that is now available on all eCatholic-powered websites.  The KofC - Into the Breach video module contains a playlist of 12 videos produced by the Knights of Columbus, focused on Catholic masculinity.

Note: This is a temporary video module. It will be removed from all eCatholic websites on September 1, 2020. If this module is in use on your website at that time, you will receive an email reminder before this module is retired.

Here's how to add the module to your website:


Drag and drop the video module onto a page

Navigate to the page where you'd like the video module to appear. Then, click on  +Add Content > Catholic Content > KofC - Into the Breach. Drag and drop the module onto the page.


Publish the page

Once you've added the module, be sure to Publish the page.

Watch all 12 videos, right on your website.

This video module contains a playlist of 12 videos. To watch more, simply click on the playlist icon within the video player (pictured below).

Then, a playlist will appear and you can choose which video to watch next.

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