How to enable eCatholic-ChMS integrations

By making a one-time connection between your eCatholic website and your GabrielSoft database, you can take advantage of any available eCatholic-GabrielSoft integrations. Just follow the simple instructions below!

How to enable eCatholic-GabrielSoft integrations


Log into an Admin user account on the eCatholic website that you would like to connect to GabrielSoft. Navigate to your Integration & Social tab by clicking Admin > SettingsIntegration & Social (pictured below).


Then, toggle the "GabrielSoft Integration" switch to On, then click the green Save/Publish button at the bottom of the screen (pictured below).


Once your page refreshes, a new Integration Key will appear. Click the copy button to copy your Integration Key to your clipboard.


Log into your GabrielSoft account that you would like to connect. Twirl down the Administrative tab in your blue toolbar, then click on Church Maintenance.


Scroll down until you see the "eCatholic Integrations" section, click the Connect link (pictured below).


In the pop-up window, paste in the Integration Key copied from your eCatholic website, and then click Save.

You are now ready to utilize current available eCatholic integrations!

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