How to download a QR code for your website pages

With eCatholic’s QR Code feature, you can easily download an image of a QR Code that will directly link to specific pages on your eCatholic website. The QR Code is accessible in the Page Settings of individual webpages.

What is a QR code? A QR Code is a square, barcode-like image that can be scanned using the camera on most internet-connected mobile devices, such as a cell phone. QR Codes create direct links to webpages and other applications on the internet, which help streamline communication or information sharing and can be utilized in printed materials or on digital screens. 

Here's how to create and share QR codes for your eCatholic website:


Navigate to your page settings

First, navigate to the webpage that you would like to share using a QR Code. Then open the Page Settings by clicking on the gear icon located in your white Page Toolbar.


Click the QR Code tab

Then, select the QR Code tab from the top of the page settings. 


Download your QR Code

Finally, click the Download PNG button (pictured below) to download your QR Code. All QR Codes will be downloaded in the PNG file format. 

Ideas for Utilizing your QR Code

QR Codes greatly reduce the time and effort it takes to direct people to your website. You may recognize QR Codes from restaurant menus, however, the creative possibilities for your website are endless! Here are a few ideas for how you can use QR codes to share page on your eCatholic-powered website: 

  • Increase donation and online giving opportunities: Use a QR Code to help people land directly on your website's online giving pages. Now, it's easier than ever to allow your flock to sign up for recurring and one-time offertory gifts.

    Pro Tip: Sign-up for eCatholic Payments and inspire generosity

    When you combine the QR Code feature with eCatholic Payments, you'll help anyone give directly from a mobile device so you can stop missing one-time and recurring donations. Want to learn more? Schedule a time to chat with our team to discuss eCatholic Payments today!

  • Easy parish and event registrations: Ditch the registration paperwork and allow people to register as a parishioner or sign-up for upcoming events directly from their phone! Combining a QR Code and eCatholic Forms creates a mobile-friendly experience that helps people submit their information in a flash.
  • Share virtual tours and welcome videos: Provide a welcoming experience for everyone, whether or not you are able to meet in person! Sharing a QR Code on a poster that links to a virtual tour or a welcome video from your Pastor, Principal or Program Director can provide the right information for those visitors who are looking to dive-in to your community.
  • Communicate details for sacraments and religious education: When schedules are packed, simply providing a quick way to share information may be a helpful solution. A QR Code that links to this year's religious education sign up form or FAQs about receiving other sacraments can help everyone stay informed and up-to-date on the latest resources.
  • Highlight upcoming calendar events and ministry information: QR Codes can go beyond the bulletin to help share information through advertising materials such as flyers, posters, business cards, mailers, etc. Use a QR Code to share opportunities for new people to attend events and open-door ministries.

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