Site Title Alignment Options

eCatholic's newest designs offer additional site title alignment options. You can toggle between these different options in the  Header Settings area of your site.

NOTE: At the moment, only the following eCatholic themes allow for this Site Title Alignment customization option: Damascus, Cyprus, San Juan, Tabor, Sinai, and Lucca.

To adjust the alignment of your site's title follow these steps (illustrated below):


Locate Header Settings to adjust Site Title Alignment

  1. Log in and scroll to the top of your website.
  2. Click the Header Settings icon to open the Header Settings dialog (located on the left edge of your site's header region).


Adjust Site Title Alignment, toggle on Custom Text Field

Once inside the Header Settings, you have the ability to:

  1. Adjust the Site Title Alignment for your website to the Left, Center, or Right-hand side of your header.
  2. Optionally, you can also toggle on and utilize a Custom Text Field (if applicable) to add a small amount of custom text to your website's header.
  3. Click the green Save icon at the bottom of the window to save your new setting.

Enjoy the flexibility to move around the site title for your website!

LEARN MORE: To learn about more Site Title settings check out Editing your Site Title settings.

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