How to view a Broadcast Telemetry Report

A Broadcast Telemetry Report can show you some specific information about a previously completed live stream. A Telemetry Report is the first resource we would recommend using to troubleshoot a stream that performed differently than you expected. The Broadcast Telemetry Report includes a:

  • Metric Report
  • Connectivity Report
  • Video Bitrate Report 
  • Audio Bitrate Report

To view a Broadcast Telemetry Report for a specific stream:


Log in to your eCatholic LIVE Admin Portal

 To access your eCatholic LIVE portal, log in to your website, click the down caret next to Websites in the upper left hand corner, and select Live Streaming.


Select Broadcast History

From the eCatholic LIVE Tasks menu in the upper right hand corner for your eCatholic LIVE Dashboard, select the Broadcast History option.


Select the View Report

Next to the specific broadcast you would to view Telemetry data from. You will then be able to view and assess the report from that specific stream.

If you need any help diagnosing a recent report don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at [email protected].

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