Links module - How it works

eCatholic's Links module allows you to easily create a list of links on your website without having to use any complicated HTML code. Here's how it works!


Drag and drop the Links module onto the page

Navigate to the page on which you would like the Links module to appear. Then, click Add Content > Core Modules, and click to drag and drop the Links module onto the page.


Add a link

Once the Links module has been added to the page for the first time, it will be empty. The next step is to add a link so that it appears in the module.

  1. Click the add link icon that appears when you hover your cursor over the module (pictured above). This will launch the Link dialog.
  2. Enter the name of the link in the Link Name field as you'd like it to appear in the module.
  3. Specify the Link Type:
    • Click External to direct visitors to a URL outside your own website.
    • Click Internal to direct visitors to an existing page within your website.
    • Click Document to direct visitors to a PDF or document that is hosted on your website. You can choose to upload a new document or PDF or, choose one that already lives in your File Manager.
  4. Enter the Link URL - This is the web address to which you'd like to direct visitors.
    • For External links, type or paste the exact URL.
    • For Internal links, select a page from the Link to Page drop-down menu. Once you've made your selection, the correct URL will appear in the Link URL field automatically.

Once you've entered all the necessary information, click the green Save button.


Organize your links

To change the order in which multiple links appear in the module, hover your cursor over a link, then click and drag the link into the correct order using the orange handle ( illustrated below).


Edit or delete a link

To edit the name of a link, hover your cursor over the link within the module and click the Settings icon (pictured below). To delete a link from the module, click the link's trash can icon.

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